Friday, 24 October 2014

Our 2014 Apprentice Team,
 the story so far…

Meet Bronte, Emmy and Evie; our Apprentice team for this year. They began their journey this September to become hair stylists at SDB, we caught up with them to ask how they are getting on…

How are you finding work compared to school?
Emmy: I love it! the hours are obviously longer but every day is different where as school was always regimented and the same every day. I love seeing different clients and doing different tasks each day- I am learning so much!

How long is your apprenticeship and what does it involve?
Evie: Our Apprenticeship is up to 2 years- we are studying for our NVQ level 2. We can qualify earlier if we work hard which means we will work on the salon floor as Graduate stylists sooner. After our NVQ level 2 we will study for our NVQ level 3 while we are Graduate Stylists which is the advanced training in Hairdressing. We have Tuesdays dedicated to Training, which is with the hair Academy EASI who come to the salon to teach our Theory and Practical sessions, we also have extra training in practical skills with our Directors Zoe and Nathan which i really enjoy.

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship rather than hairdressing college?
Bronte: An apprenticeship i feel is much more hands on- we are looking after clients all day which is great for our practical skills and also our customer service skills. At the salon we are working with top hairdressers every day and learning from them, some of our Stylists are assisting on the X Factor for Celebrity Hairdresser Jamie Stevens at the moment and they teach us! I feel inspired by them and hope to follow in their footsteps one day.

What do you like most about your Apprenticeship?
Evie: I love that we get to help the hairstylists with Colours and hair extensions a lot. I also love blowdrying clients hair and I really enjoy styling long hair in up-styles and look forward to working on Weddings and Prom hair next year. 

Where do you hope to be in the future after your Apprenticeship?
Emmy: I would love to become a top Stylist at the salon like our Art Director Lena and work with Nathan and Zoe on Fashion week shows and TV shows like X Factor for Jamie Stevens- he is amazing!
Bronte: I will keep training and taking part in courses as in hairdressing you never stop learning. My dad is a hairdresser and i would love to make him proud by being a brilliant and successful stylist.
Evie: I really want to become a Bridal hair specialist and become an Art Director in the salon, I love working at Silhouette du Barry- I really feel i have the best start to my hairdressing career!

 Bronte, Emmy and Evie look forward to looking after you in the salon soon. 

Good luck with your training girls! XXX

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