Friday, 19 October 2012

The X factor 2012

So it's great to have X factor back on our screens and for Nathan and Zoe to be working again with the talented Jamie Stevens and his team backstage.
Don't forget to follow The X factor style pages for great tips and pictures on the contestants and their stylists. You might even get to sneek a peek to find out what Nathan and Zoe have been up to. Recognise anyone?!

The gorgeous Jade

All images : X Factor Style
You might see someone you recognise on this video of Jamie Stevens styling one of the Pandas from last week's X factor! Enjoy the show tomorrow. Who's got your favourite hair?

Monday, 8 October 2012

The 5 minute hair piece demonstration.

We have these amazing new hairpieces in store from our B Loved collection at Balmain.
 We know so many people are often shy about using hairpieces because of how difficult you feel it may be to achieve the look, so here is a quick demonstration by Zoe of how easy it is to clip it in and style yourself in only a couple of minutes!


 So the first step is to separate the back of your hair from the front. This is best done with a comb.

 Then simply clip the hair piece over the back section of hair.

 Then style the rest of your hair in place as desired.

 With this hair piece I am showing you a small subtle volume suitable for everyday as below.

 And a slightly larger effect for that 'big hair 'look. Just style some of your front section of hair over the hairpiece, backcombing if necessary.

 Gorgeous in minutes!

Prices range from 39.95 and have so many shades that can blend in with your natural hair. For a five minute tutorial, just ask in the Salon or call us for more information.
 01245 257137