Monday, 23 October 2017


Highlights   V   Colour & Lights

Well Autumn is here and many of us start to crave a change in our hair as the weather turns. Colour can give us a subtle change to enhance our skin tone or a completely new look depending on how you feel.

Lets talk Highlights versus Colour and Lights - our two best selling colour services.

What are they?
      Either Woven (for a natural blended effect) or Sliced (for a more bold defined colour) through the hair, highlights colour 50 - 80% of your hair, leaving the rest your natural colour.

What are the benefits? 
  • Several colours can be used to create what we call "Multi-tonal hair" (Lots of colour!)
  • Because some of your natural hair is left uncoloured, your regrowth is more blended so you need it recoloured less often.
  • We can tailor the amount of highlights we apply to the individual- from blended scattered lights (parting highlights) for a natural effect - to lots of lights (full woven highlights) for maximum coverage.
  • No colour is applied to your skin as all product is applied to your hair and wrapped in foil.
  • You retain your natural colour at the root of your hair- fans of highlights often say this keeps their colour feeling more natural.
  • Highlights can ENHANCE your natural colour rather than completely change it- particularly effective at blending in the first signs of grey and creating a sun kissed effect on your hair.

Colour & Lights
What are they?
As with highlights some of your hair is woven or sliced in foil to create ribbons of colour- often lightest creamy blonde. However on the rest of your hair a contrasting Blonde is applied all over directly onto your hair and scalp- therefore colouring 100% of your hair.

What are the benefits? 
  • As 100% of your hair is coloured, when your hair is done you have no "roots" showing- fans of colour & lights often say they love getting rid of their roots as it makes their hair feel fresher and brighter.
  • Combining Colour with Lights gives you a multi-tonal colour but with the benefit of covering all of your natural grey (if you have any!) and dark roots.
  • Its a quick service compared to Highlights (approx 30 mins compared to 1 hour to apply the colour) 
  • Combining similar blonde tones will give to a more natural colour- choosing contrasting Colours will give you a more dramatic effect.


Colour & Lights
from £90 (full head)
from £59
Time in the salon
from 3 hours 
from 1.5 hours
How regularly? 
retouch every 2-4 months
retouch every 4-6 weeks

How do i decide??? 

This all depends on the effect you are after- for a more natural blonde to enhance your own colour or to keep a little of your natural colour along with your blonde then Highlights are for you.
If however you dislike your roots and are after total coverage but want to have the multi-tonal effect of highlights then Colour & Lights would be perfect for you.

Blonde Ambition- Holly's secret revealed!

One of our favourite girls Holly Willoughby made the change from Highlights to Colour & Lights a few years ago… Spot the difference…!

Image Courtesy of Getty Images
Highlights - You can see Holly's natural colour at the root even though her highlights are freshly applied- giving a more "natural" feel to her blonde...

Images Courtesy of Getty Images

Colour & Lights - Lights give the creamy white blonde ribbons and a honey blonde Colour all over completely covers Holly's natural colour giving her a fresh looking blonde.

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