Monday, 23 October 2017


Highlights   V   Colour & Lights

Well Autumn is here and many of us start to crave a change in our hair as the weather turns. Colour can give us a subtle change to enhance our skin tone or a completely new look depending on how you feel.

Lets talk Highlights versus Colour and Lights - our two best selling colour services.

What are they?
      Either Woven (for a natural blended effect) or Sliced (for a more bold defined colour) through the hair, highlights colour 50 - 80% of your hair, leaving the rest your natural colour.

What are the benefits? 
  • Several colours can be used to create what we call "Multi-tonal hair" (Lots of colour!)
  • Because some of your natural hair is left uncoloured, your regrowth is more blended so you need it recoloured less often.
  • We can tailor the amount of highlights we apply to the individual- from blended scattered lights (parting highlights) for a natural effect - to lots of lights (full woven highlights) for maximum coverage.
  • No colour is applied to your skin as all product is applied to your hair and wrapped in foil.
  • You retain your natural colour at the root of your hair- fans of highlights often say this keeps their colour feeling more natural.
  • Highlights can ENHANCE your natural colour rather than completely change it- particularly effective at blending in the first signs of grey and creating a sun kissed effect on your hair.

Colour & Lights
What are they?
As with highlights some of your hair is woven or sliced in foil to create ribbons of colour- often lightest creamy blonde. However on the rest of your hair a contrasting Blonde is applied all over directly onto your hair and scalp- therefore colouring 100% of your hair.

What are the benefits? 
  • As 100% of your hair is coloured, when your hair is done you have no "roots" showing- fans of colour & lights often say they love getting rid of their roots as it makes their hair feel fresher and brighter.
  • Combining Colour with Lights gives you a multi-tonal colour but with the benefit of covering all of your natural grey (if you have any!) and dark roots.
  • Its a quick service compared to Highlights (approx 30 mins compared to 1 hour to apply the colour) 
  • Combining similar blonde tones will give to a more natural colour- choosing contrasting Colours will give you a more dramatic effect.


Colour & Lights
from £90 (full head)
from £59
Time in the salon
from 3 hours 
from 1.5 hours
How regularly? 
retouch every 2-4 months
retouch every 4-6 weeks

How do i decide??? 

This all depends on the effect you are after- for a more natural blonde to enhance your own colour or to keep a little of your natural colour along with your blonde then Highlights are for you.
If however you dislike your roots and are after total coverage but want to have the multi-tonal effect of highlights then Colour & Lights would be perfect for you.

Blonde Ambition- Holly's secret revealed!

One of our favourite girls Holly Willoughby made the change from Highlights to Colour & Lights a few years ago… Spot the difference…!

Image Courtesy of Getty Images
Highlights - You can see Holly's natural colour at the root even though her highlights are freshly applied- giving a more "natural" feel to her blonde...

Images Courtesy of Getty Images

Colour & Lights - Lights give the creamy white blonde ribbons and a honey blonde Colour all over completely covers Holly's natural colour giving her a fresh looking blonde.

Ask us...

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Our Apprentice team are winners!!!!

We are thrilled to tell you that our Apprentice team won first and second prizes at our training school EASI HAIR Academy's annual competition!! The photographic competition was judged by a prestigious team of judges and took place at Easi academy's headquarters in Colchester. The first category was a pre-Raphaelite theme, the second years did Andy Warhol and the third year were asked to created Picasso cubism style hair. Here are our winners…
Emmy- 1st place in the pre-raphaerlite category

Evie- 1st Place in the Andy Warhol category

Chelsea - 2nd place in the Picasso
Cubism category

And a special mention to FRAN - who did some exceptional
work in the Picasso category 

Well done girls XXXXXXXXX

Thursday, 23 July 2015


Graduate Stylist

19 Year old Chelsea has been part of the SDB team for 3 years.We caught up with her one VERY busy Friday…

Q. Chelsea what do you love about your work? 
A. EVERYTHING!! I always wanted to work at SDB and it has been everything I hoped it would be. I love learning so much on a day to day basis and two days are never the same.

Q. What is your favourite aspect?
A. I adore long hair work - especially Prom hair and Bridal.We take part in the Heart FM wedding show twice a year where we meet new brides to be and demonstrate our work. We do the hair for the main bridal fashion show too which I love doing.

Q. Do you do all types of hairdressing?
A. Yes I am trained in Level 2 NVQ hairdressing which covers most aspects of hair- I am currently training in my level 3 which is more advanced. I am trained in Hair Extensions too which is one of my main job roles.

Q. Do you wear extensions yourself?
A. I couldn't imagine life without them!! No seriously- they give my hair so much body and length. I wear the Balmain Double hair - my hair has grown so much whilst wearing them that soon I will only need them for the body.

Q. What are you aims for the future?
A. I would like to become a senior Stylist at SDB and particularly specialise in Bridal hair and Extensions- I feel I really make a difference to people when I give them the hair they have always dreamed of- whether its for their wedding day or to give them confidence everyday.

Chelsea is offering our followers an exclusive 20% off their first appointment for a cut and Style- Just Quote Chelsea's Blog on booking.

Call us on to book on 
01245 257137 or at

Monday, 8 June 2015

Meet Fran...

Meet Fran

 Graduate Stylist

19 Year old Fran has been a member of the SDB team since the beginning of 2015. She says her favourite thing about hairdressing is making her clients feel relaxed and love their hair.
 Fran is currently in her advanced training in cutting, colour and smoothing treatments and loving every minute! " I want to learn as much as i can and push myself to become the best hairdresser i can be." Says Fran 
"I particularly love Cutting hair- its amazing how the right haircut enhances someones features and makes them look younger" 

Fran loves to colour hair - especially highlights... "Blonde highlights are becoming very popular now the summer is here" Says Fran " I am currently taking part in Balayage highlight training which is where the blondes melt into one another rather than streaks of blonde- its really beautiful" 

"Working at Silhouette du Barry has opened my eyes to so much more and i would love to work with Extensions and hairpieces in the future".
"I am great at blowdrying and styling hair- so if you are going out and want glamourous hair- i'm your girl!"

Book your appointment with Fran at or 01245 257137

Friday, 27 March 2015


Meet TARA...

Tara is 19 years old with a HUGE passion for hair, Make up and vintage style. Tara is our Head assistant, who looks after 4 assistants and 6 Saturday team members. Here she tells us about her work…

                                                                               Q. How did you get into hairdressing? 
I always have wanted to become a hairdresser. I got a job at a salon after I left school but had my haircut at Silhouette du Barry- it was always my dream salon to work in ! I applied to work there and after 2 attempts I got to my second interview and they offered me a job!

      Tara & Nathan styling TOWIE's Lydia Bright

Q. What do like about your job?

Everything! It's such a busy buzzy salon with high standards. I love the challenges every day brings and the training is so good.

                                            Tara putting her Vintage touch on New Hall's Fashion Event


 Q. Do you look after clients everyday? 
Yes as a second year apprentice I look after clients a lot- everything from colours to extensions to blow-drys. From this year I am on the long hair and Bridal team so will be working with my Senior Stylists on Weddings and looking after girls for their Prom hair in the summer. I feel I am at my best making clients feel relaxed and looked after.

Q. How do you see your future?
I would love to train young hairdressers and work as a senior stylist at the salon. My passion is Hair Extensions and Creative Colouring so I would really love to enter British colour technician of the year one day. My Boss Nathan has been nominated for a Eastern hairdresser of the year 4 times!

Q. What are your ambitions?
To work in Fashion shows in New York, Milan and Paris like my Bosses do. I would love to work more with hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces as I have a real passion for that kind of hairdressing. I really think the most exciting thing about hairdressing is that it is so diverse and you can branch out into different areas and travel the world!

Tara is currently offering blowdries for just £10 at the Salon.
 Book with her or one of the team on 01245 257137

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The X Factor LIVE 
Results show

Sunday 30th November

For your chance to win two VIP tickets including drinks at the after show party where you will meet the contestants, all you have to do is...
Donate your chosen amount to Farleigh hospice via this link… 


For each £1 donation you will receive one entry into the competition ie: £20 donation will give you 20 entries into the competition.  
                    Thank you for donating and good luck !

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Winners will be announced on Monday 24th November. 
  • You must be 12 years or over to attend the X Factor Live show.
  • The objective of this competition is to raise funds for Farleigh Hospice and give the winner the opportunity to attend the live Sunday show with their chosen guest.
  • All donations will go to Farleigh Hospice only.
  • This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook. By participating in this competition you agree to a complete release of  Facebook from any claims and you agree to these terms and conditions 
  • Only registered donations through Virgin Money giving will be counted.
  • Farleigh Hospice and Silhouette du Barry cannot be held responsible for any injury, accidents, loss of property or mishap that may arise at or during this competition.
  • Competition winners are to arrange their own transport to/from the studios.
  • The winner will be picked at random using a computer generated system.
  • Tickets are for November 30th November only and cannot be exchanged for other dates.
  • Tickets are for the winners only and can not be sold or passed on.
  • Tickets will be at the studios on the day of the show.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Our 2014 Apprentice Team,
 the story so far…

Meet Bronte, Emmy and Evie; our Apprentice team for this year. They began their journey this September to become hair stylists at SDB, we caught up with them to ask how they are getting on…

How are you finding work compared to school?
Emmy: I love it! the hours are obviously longer but every day is different where as school was always regimented and the same every day. I love seeing different clients and doing different tasks each day- I am learning so much!

How long is your apprenticeship and what does it involve?
Evie: Our Apprenticeship is up to 2 years- we are studying for our NVQ level 2. We can qualify earlier if we work hard which means we will work on the salon floor as Graduate stylists sooner. After our NVQ level 2 we will study for our NVQ level 3 while we are Graduate Stylists which is the advanced training in Hairdressing. We have Tuesdays dedicated to Training, which is with the hair Academy EASI who come to the salon to teach our Theory and Practical sessions, we also have extra training in practical skills with our Directors Zoe and Nathan which i really enjoy.

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship rather than hairdressing college?
Bronte: An apprenticeship i feel is much more hands on- we are looking after clients all day which is great for our practical skills and also our customer service skills. At the salon we are working with top hairdressers every day and learning from them, some of our Stylists are assisting on the X Factor for Celebrity Hairdresser Jamie Stevens at the moment and they teach us! I feel inspired by them and hope to follow in their footsteps one day.

What do you like most about your Apprenticeship?
Evie: I love that we get to help the hairstylists with Colours and hair extensions a lot. I also love blowdrying clients hair and I really enjoy styling long hair in up-styles and look forward to working on Weddings and Prom hair next year. 

Where do you hope to be in the future after your Apprenticeship?
Emmy: I would love to become a top Stylist at the salon like our Art Director Lena and work with Nathan and Zoe on Fashion week shows and TV shows like X Factor for Jamie Stevens- he is amazing!
Bronte: I will keep training and taking part in courses as in hairdressing you never stop learning. My dad is a hairdresser and i would love to make him proud by being a brilliant and successful stylist.
Evie: I really want to become a Bridal hair specialist and become an Art Director in the salon, I love working at Silhouette du Barry- I really feel i have the best start to my hairdressing career!

 Bronte, Emmy and Evie look forward to looking after you in the salon soon. 

Good luck with your training girls! XXX

Interested in an Apprenticeship? Email Zoe at
for a chance to start an amazing career in Hairdressing.