Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Our Face of the Future Judge Emily's Story...

Emily's Story

We met Emily when she was just 16, she had popped into the salon to inquire about our hair extensions. We spotted her potential straight away and asked her if she would be interested in some hair modelling for the salon. Her first shoot with us was a great success! She was a natural model- and here is her very first image with us…

Emily has since gone on to Model for many Hair Competitions and shows around the UK such as the L'Oreal Colour Trophy and British Hairdressing awards. She has built up a portfolio of images working for Designers, stylists, Clothing brands and Top photographers. But one of the highlights of her Career so far has to be making the final 6 in Sky Living TV's Britain and Irelands Next Top model. With her versatility, hard working attitude and sunny personality it is easy to see why she was so popular with all the judges. 
See images from her time on the show here    

We are lucky to have worked with Emily on no less than 4 of our salon collections to date. Here are a few of her images…

                                                  Photography by Martin Higgs

We are down to our final 10 in our Face of the Future 2014 competition. The final 4 Chosen will get to meet Emily as she is on our Judging Panel! Good Luck girls!! XXX

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Youthful Looking Appearance

Tired of the same hair? Want something new that works for your age?

Here are some of our top tips from the salon’s senior Stylists…

  •   Firstly, regular cuts are a must! We all lose hair as we get older so to keep it looking its thickest and keep that youthful shape by having a good cut every 6 weeks. 

  •   Lighten your hair colour. Dark hair makes the complexion look shallow and pale. By lifting the colour one shade at a time, or by adding highlights around the face, adds tone and lifts your face. A lighter colour is also great to disguise white hair’s coming through.

  •   Remember, you don’t have to go short! But, if you like your hair long, use layers to lift and frame your face. This gives you a “Facelift” by drawing your features upwards. Through clever cutting and styling of your hair your stylist really can make you look younger. Subtle flicks, kicks and pushing hair off of the face will ‘lift’ the appearance of your features. No wonder all the celebs do it! 

Take a look at Helen Mirren … or Judi Dench …

                                             Image: Google image search

                                                                            Image: Google image search

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