Thursday, 23 July 2015


Graduate Stylist

19 Year old Chelsea has been part of the SDB team for 3 years.We caught up with her one VERY busy Friday…

Q. Chelsea what do you love about your work? 
A. EVERYTHING!! I always wanted to work at SDB and it has been everything I hoped it would be. I love learning so much on a day to day basis and two days are never the same.

Q. What is your favourite aspect?
A. I adore long hair work - especially Prom hair and Bridal.We take part in the Heart FM wedding show twice a year where we meet new brides to be and demonstrate our work. We do the hair for the main bridal fashion show too which I love doing.

Q. Do you do all types of hairdressing?
A. Yes I am trained in Level 2 NVQ hairdressing which covers most aspects of hair- I am currently training in my level 3 which is more advanced. I am trained in Hair Extensions too which is one of my main job roles.

Q. Do you wear extensions yourself?
A. I couldn't imagine life without them!! No seriously- they give my hair so much body and length. I wear the Balmain Double hair - my hair has grown so much whilst wearing them that soon I will only need them for the body.

Q. What are you aims for the future?
A. I would like to become a senior Stylist at SDB and particularly specialise in Bridal hair and Extensions- I feel I really make a difference to people when I give them the hair they have always dreamed of- whether its for their wedding day or to give them confidence everyday.

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